26th February 2017

I just wanted to mention a new project I’m involved with and that is The BassTree String Band. It’s a collaboration
with a couple of Bluegrass musicians and vocalist, one which I’ve worked with in the past and a new face on the
scene too. I’m really excited about it, things are coming together well and we already have a Scottish/Irish tour
booked for early June. Check out my schedule page for more information, tour dates and videos.



7th January 2017

Its the new year and I've made a few subtle changes to my website, and updated my bookings for 2017 as well.
There are also some new musical projects I am working on, and hope to reveal all, so to speak very soon.
More booking details, and news very imminent!



4th October 2015

Here is a video of yours truly performing with The Dude Coopers at Moniaive in Scotland.




3rd October 2015

Its been a busy few weeks for me playing with The Dude Coopers at The Cornish Bluegrass Festival, and The Moniaive Bluegrass Festival in Scotland.  I've been to the Cornish festival before, and i always get a great welcome and the organizers really pull the stops out to make the artists feel at home.  Moniaive was new to me. Set in a beautiful part of Scotland, you really cant go wrong from the start. We had a superb old coach house for all the band to stay in which was super nice. All the festival committee and the local residents made us all feel really welcome. The main venue was the institute building in Moniaiave which had great acoustics and a great sound team too. As you can tell I, and all the Dude Coopers had a great festival and hope to be invited back again soon.
Here are some pictures. Hover your mouse over for captions.



7th June 2015

Just to let you know. Its now possible to follow me on facebook at my official musicians page. I'll keep posting here of course but be sure and check it out.




6th June 2015

I had a great solo gig of banjo and song at The Red Rooster Festival and heres a few photos of my time there.

My green room, or should it be red room!

Back Stage

The Host, Euston Hall and food court




1st June 2015

Exciting news, The Dude Coopers now have there very own dedicated website You can still contact The Dude Coopers through my website, but The Dudes site will have lots of musical goodies on it for you to peruse.
I'm also tweaking my own personal website, as you might have noticed. Nothing too major, just a few colour changes and a new side panel photo, just to keep things up to date. I will shortly be uploading some new videos too, a taster video for my
tuition page, and a couple of solo videos to link in with my solo gigs. Having said that, if you are around, I have an exciting gig at The Red Rooster festival on Friday June 5th.




2nd January 2015

Well here we are in early 2015 and this year is looking to be a great year for music already.  Several gigs have been confirmed. I’m back at The Fat Cat brewery Tap with The Dude Coopers in February and also at The Norwich cathedral Refectory in May, with festival dates confirmed for Orwell, Cornish and Moniaive Bluegrass festival in Scotland. So all in all I’ll be in both extremes of the Uk performing as well as local gigs too. All these dates and details are available on my schedule page.  Also soon I will be able to post about an exciting tour I will be involved with this coming May/June. Hopefully I’ll see face’s old and new at my up and coming gigs, see you there!


25th October 2014

Its been a while since I've posted on here, sorry about that, its been a busy year and on top of that I've moved house, that's my excuse anyway! The Dude Coopers have played several great festivals this summer, The Orwell Bluegrass Festival (on the bar stage this year), The East Anglian Bluegrass Festival, and FolkEast to name but a few. Exciting news for next years festivals is already brewing with a possible trip to sunny Scotland, check back soon for more details. Also we're playing a favourite venue of ours, The Golden Star in December so look out for that one on the schedule page.
The Dudes are also working on some new material during the up and coming winter months. Mark, guitarist with the Dudes has a talent for finding interesting songs and tunes not always performed by other bands, which i think is one of our strengths as one of the most respected bluegrass bands in the Uk, if I do say so myself!


29th September 2013

Well its finally here, the debut album by The Broad Cut Drifters. Its available for digital download from, and below is a link to the music and details for download etc. I'm really excited to be a part of this project.


17th September 2013

I've just come back from a great weekend at The Cornish Bluegrass Festival in Newquay performing with The Dude Coopers. It was the tenth year of the festival, and would you believe I was at the first one too, when I was playing banjo with Deep River. Its a great festival site on the Hendra holiday complex, and as a performing band we get to stay in one of the static caravans with all mod cons, including a welcome pack of food and goodies from the festival organisers. It must be one of the best festivals around for that sort of thing, thanks to Moss and his team for making me and the rest of The Dude Coopers welcome. Hopefully we can make it down to the British Riviera again soon, next year would be nice if anyone is listening!

Also my recent gig with The Broad Cut Drifters at Norwich Cathedral Refectory was equally a success, with a sold out venue. I hope to work with the Cathedral Norwich in the future, so watch this space for future gigs and events. Finally The Broad Cut Drifters are very close to finishing our recording project. I'll post again soon with details, but it should be available for download very soon.


18th August 2013

Here's a quick update. If anyone has been in the Norwich Cathedral Close, you'll know what a beautiful and tranquil place it is, and a little oasis so to speak in the middle of busy Norwich. And guess what I came across, but posters advertising our gig at the Norwich Cathedral Refectory on August 30th. The Refectory is a great space for a gig, and they serve pretty good food and drink to boot.


27th July 2013

It’s been a while since an update and I’m sorry for my tardiness. Also I need to apologise to the lady (sorry I didn’t catch your name) who pointed out that I’ve also been a little lax in putting up gig dates on my schedule page, I had in fact been remiss and forgot to put my gig with The Dude Coopers at Olives on my site, come and see me at my next gig and a free cd is yours..!

Its no excuse, nut the summer has been busy this year so far with gigs, teaching and personal commitments. The Dude Coopers did in fact perform at Olives café on July 26th ably supported by The Ketts Hill Gang. It was a superb night, and may become a more regular event in the autumn.

Also I have just finished recording a new album with The Broad Cut Drifters which is now being prepared for cd and mp3 download, a project I’m very excited about, so check back regularly for updates and release dates too.

Coming up for me is The Surrey Bluegrass festival this coming weekend, august 3rd , 4th and shortly after that Folk East in Suffolk, and a gig at Norwich Cathedral Refectory. There’s also a few new projects I’m working on behind the scenes, so check back for those coming soon too.

Don’t let me get too slack in the future, and email me and give me a nudge now and again for news and updates, I do appreciate all your input.




3rd March 2013
Just a quick blog entry to let everyone know that my Album, Britain by Bluegrass, is now available for digital download.


13th January 2013
Its been a while since I last wrote in my blog, sorry, no excuses..! An awful lot has happened since my last post. I've been playing quite a few local gigs with The Broad Cut Drifters in the run up to Christmas 2012 finishing with a gig at The Forum in Norwich as part of the American connections celebrations with Norfolk and America. I was interviewed on BBC radio Norfolk in the morning by Keith Greentree which is always good for the ego, and in the afternoon we conducted a workshop explaining Bluegrass music and the connections it had with the USA, whilst explaining how a Bluegrass band works and how the instruments and voices interact. We followed that with a concert which was really well supported and attended. We got some great feed back which was really nice too.
2013 is starting to shape up well too, with several gigs booked already with The Broad Cut Drifters, and The Dude Coopers, as well as a few solo gigs too. The first being at The Cottage, Silver road in Norwich. Check out the schedule page for full details. I'm feeling optimistic and think this will be a great year for music, so Happy New Year, and I hope to see you somewhere down the road in 2013..!


14th September
Check out The Broad Cut Drifters poster for our gig at Olives on 29th September, really looking forward to getting back to Olives!


27th August
The Broad Cut Drifters just came back from a fantastic weekend of music and merriment at FolkEast in Suffolk. It was the first time this festival was held and we had the honour of opening up the day on the Kayam stage, Sunday morning. It was brilliant to see so many people come and support us during our gig, I did wonder if everyone might still be in bed from the previous evenings festivities, but I needn't have worried, we played to a packed enthusiastic audience. We were in good company too with other artists playing the festival included, Bellowhead, Seth Lakeman, Lau and The Imagined Village to name but a few.
Also be sure and check out the new videos and photos being uploaded soon, of our performance at The Surrey Bluegrass Festival with special guests, Ivor Ottley and Dick Gladney, and check out the schedule page for up coming performances, the next being at Olives Cafe in Norwich on 29th September.

14th July
Myself and Nic played as The Broad Cut Drifters today at The Forum in Norwich as part of their taster day for American Connections. Its about celebrating the connections between Norfolk and the USA all through the ages, our part being the music. We will be performing a extended set at their major event in October, so I'll be listing that on the schedule page soon with more details. It was great fun and slightly odd actually playing in the library, usually a place of quiet and constant shush..... 

3rd July
June was a busy month. The first highlight was playing at The East Anglian Bluegrass Festival. This year after many years break, a Friday night concert was arranged making it a full weekend of music. I was playing with both The Broad Cut Drifters (BCD's) and The Dude Coopers, so an exciting and busy night of music for me, especially as I dropped the BCD's at the railway station in between sets..! The Dudes were also playing Saturday night and I took the banjo workshop Saturday morning, I'm getting worn out just thinking about it..! It was busy, but great fun.
The following Friday, myself and Mark from the Dudes played a duo slot at The Brewery Tap in Norwich. We were part of an evening of music with our friends Acaysha, a great folk and acoustic roots band from Norfolk. It was good to get out and play some duo tunes with Mark, and catch up again with Acaysha.
It sounds like I need a rest, but the music keeps going. In a few short weeks I'll be at The Surrey Bluegrass Festival with The Broad Cut Drifters, and guesting with Ivor Ottley, a world class fiddle player formally from Suffolk, now residing in Sweden. I'm looking forward to that.

3rd June,
Had a really great day yesterday with The Broad Cut Drifters. We were part of the City of Ale festival at The Plough in St Benedict's, Norwich and also in the Norwich Art Centre Bar. It was really great having two quite different gigs on the same day. The Plough was totally acoustic, and I really had to project my voice during the vocals hopping to have something left for our later gig at Norwich Arts Centre. The Arts Centre was acoustic too, but with a PA, but my voice held out till the end, so I was relived at that. All The Drifters have been working hard perfecting our sound and working up tight arrangements, and including some self penned songs and tunes too, we're really pleased with the results and how the gigs went. We'll be at The East Anglian Bluegrass festival in a few weeks so come and see if us if you can, its a great weekend.

Welcome to my new site!
This is my first entry to my blog on my new re-vamped website. It was time to consolidate all my sub sites and put them all together in an easier to read format, well that's the plan. I've combined my personal website and that of the bands I play in, The Dude Coopers and The Broad Cut Drifters. I hope to add photos and news on a regular basis, so check back soon for what's happening!



















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