I have been playing the banjo for over twenty years and teaching for almost ten. I teach privately and offer banjo workshops as well as teaching at banjo camps and seminars. I have taught at The Bluegrass Plus club, East Anglian Bluegrass festival, Surrey Bluegrass festival, Didimarton Bluegrass festival, FolkEast and The Sore Fingers Summer School October Weekend to name but a few. I also hold an Initial Tutor Training certificate (Level 2).

Just to clarify, I teach the 5 string banjo (sometimes called the “G” banjo) in the three finger or “Bluegrass” style and folk styles mostly, although the principle is the same for many musical genres which also can be explored.
Lessons are tailor made to suit individual students and all teaching materials and music is written by me. We don’t follow any particular publication currently available. I found this to work well as every student has different learning requirements.


I am currently based in Norfolk, England, and I am available for one to one banjo lessons, Skype lessons and banjo workshops at festivals and musical events.

For enquiries please visit the contact page.



Here is a short taster banjo lesson for Cripple Creek















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